UN Department of Sustainable Development

CompetesTV! applauds the UN Sustainable Development Goals and wants to be a strong supporter of these goals.

Read more about the UNSDG here

CompetesTV! can provide great ideas for each of these initiatives and real-time voter sentiment for which of the ideas people want to implement and support. Competes also provides rich data (demographics, region, user categories) on voters.

CompetesTV! uses our proprietary MultiView video streaming. 

  • Click on the screen you want to watch and listen to. 
  • Side swipe to switch viewing from dominant view to quad view to single screen.  Then back to dominant view.
  • You can watch videos on different events, topics, or different camera angles of the same event.
  • To experience more of our MultiView video streaming (videos below are demos from the CompetesTV! beta), go to

Climate Action

  • Contests showing people actions they can take to make a difference. For example, clean up trash/litter, ways to reduce carbon emissions, tips on best savings on fuel/public transport, recycling, compost, etc.
  • Contests showing eco-friendly products, charities.
  • The ideas and contests are endless. CompetesTV! for the best ideas, implementations, and strategies for positive climate action and evaluating actual user actions. 

Affordable Energy

Quality Education

Education in MultiView

Education in MultiView


  • MultiView video streaming can be great for digital classrooms and giving students the ability to watch the teacher, close up on the whiteboard/presentation, focus on books, and chat functionality – all at the same time.
  • CompetesTV! with contests on educational topics for students. Teaching  educators and parents on various topics (For example, how to help special needs children).

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

  • CompetesTV! for political candidates and platforms with real-time voter sentiment and demographic and regional data analytics.
  • Video news and articles on current topics.
  • MultiView video streaming for conflict areas for news or defense coverage.

World Peace


No Poverty

  • CompetesTV!for global goods, artisanship, and services.
  • CompetesTV! for donations and charity drives.
  • CompetesTV! for financial education and literacy (ex. contests for solutions on how to get rid of bad credit, how to avoid falling into common financial traps, resources for people that are struggling financially).

Zero Hunger

  • CompetesTV! for food banks and services and how to get involved from your community.
  • CompetesTV! for food waste reduction practices and ways to get healthy food cheaper.